Basic Video Tools

A list of accessories

Some basic things needed for your shooting of videos.

First thing that I noticed when shooting videos with the Sony RX100 IV was that the panning was not smooth that I liked on my part. Maybe it's my age and not as steady as I used to be.

First thing on my list to make panning smoother was to go out and purchase a panning head for both the Sony and Nikon camera's. Nikon D4S is a heavy camera, so I needed to purchase a video head that would support that camera. The Benro S7 video head would be fine for the Nikon camera, and over kill for the Sony RX100 camera. No sense in purchasing two heads for each camera, even though the Sony camera looks funny on the video head but it works!

Having the video head makes a world of difference and now use it in most cases now. The next thing I ran into was leveling the camera and adjusting the legs to get the bubble center, that was a bit of time consuming because your not just adjusting one leg maybe two legs to get the camera center. So to get around this was a simple thing, purchased a leveling base under the head takes care of leveling in one ease step.

Other items purchased for portability below.

MeFoto Tripod

Very light tripod, it's easy to travel with and compact. Not to mention the center coloum turns into a monpod.

The MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Tripod Kits provide an exceptional combination of materials, construction and features.
Great for both compact and full frame cameras with larger lenses, plus converts to a monopod in seconds. Only 16.1" when folded yet 64.2" extended and can support 26.4 lb. Available in both aluminum and carbon fiber.

I ended up with the carbon fiber version for the weight and compactness even though I had tripods, but I wanted something smaller and lighter.

GorillaPod Focus (Joby)

Great for traveling light, again the device will wrap around to lots of places, with those rubber grips on the side.

The strongest, portable, lightweight, professional tripod you can find. The GorillaPod Focus is designed with professionals in mind. It handles heavy-duty cameras with massive zoom lenses, video cameras, and professional tripod heads with ease. Add the Ball Head X for even more utility.

  1. Capture better perspectives: flexible, wrappable legs allow you to secure professional camera equipment weighing up to 11.1 lbs (5kg) to virtually any surface, enabling you to capture shots you couldn't before.
  2. Precise positioning at any angle: full 360° panning and 90 tilt° with Ballhead XTM allow you to quickly position your camera with ease for portrait and landscape shots.
  3. Easy setup and quick transitions: Arca-Swiss compatible mounting plate stays connected to your camera for optimal interchangeability.
  4. Secure firm joints after repeated use: the only tripod in its class to use durable machined aluminum sockets and German TPE for joints that stay firm and grippy.

Action Clamp & Locking Arm (Joby)

Best purchase of a Clamping Device Spent, you can almost mount the camera anywhere.

The Action Clamp & Locking Arm was built to get the right frame without camera shake. This GoPro®/action video locking clamp mount attaches to any surface up to 2” and 2 articulating joints provide the ability to film any angle. This is sure to be one of your favorite tools.

  1. Position at any angle: Two articulating ball joints rotate 360° and pivot 180° side to side on the Locking Arm.
  2. Vibration-Resistant: The ultra-stabilized, sturdy Locking Arm allows your camera to stay in position for long-duration shots.
  3. Fast & easy clamp setup: The sliding clamp arm moves quickly to accommodate a surface up to 2in /50.8mm wide. 

Just few ideas that I found when starting up again shooting videos making it light to travel with.