Video Music Obsticles

Finding the right background music.. Takes a lot of time

Videoing has been fun for me, and enjoying producing the few videos to date that I had fun doing and making thus far.

It's still a learning experience for me. First of all watching videos on how to use Pinnalce Studio Pro 20 and what you can do with that software on a PC is intriguing and fun. Still need to master the software, just need to find time to play around with the software, to me is the easiest part of it all really.

Music Backgrounds

The biggest obstacle for doing videos is finding the background music that is 'FREE' and finding the right songs for you project takes up a lot of time looking for that right background music. A big No No is because you own a Music CD that you bought that you could use that sound track for the background music in your video... No you cannot, you're breaking Copyright laws! You own the rights to listen to the music at home in the car or on the go, but you cannot in a video. (Did you know if you did this and posted the video on You-Tube, that video will be pulled). A waste of time and effort, to find out that this was pulled because of the Copyright issues.

Finding FREE music is going be a time consuming process, trust me! You search the Internet searching for Free Background Music and you'll see a bunch of sites, now find the music that matches your tastes and you have to go through and listen to each sound tracks that might work for you. Some sites require you to Sign Up first and another pain, but some are worth it. Now I'm just starting out doing videos and not a pro, so I cannot afford to pay extraordinary costs for a single track costing $49.00, hey I'm on a tight budget for that. Once you find some good Free Music, you should keep the music in a folder by name for that site, so that you know where you got the (free background music from). Make sure that you read the license agreement from that site, they will asked that you give credit to the site and or just the author of the song within the video you produced. (If you don't give credits for the sound track could once again get pulled).

Here are a couple of places I have found for some nice background music. "BenSound and". There are others out there as well and are Royalty Free Music. But wait... As I mentioned above that a single track could cost $49.00 or more but I happened to go to iTunes and searched the store for "Royalty Free Music" Found a number of Royalty Free music and sound effects stuff for around $9.99. Not just a single track but a bunch of music and effects for around that price. I found that you get the full track for the song, but also 15Sec 30Sec and Loops to. I purchased 2 music files and 2 sound effects and was happy that I was able to get a bunch of stuff for the low costs. Check it out, there might be something there for you. If not stick with the free stuff and search and download the music that you might use down the road when you have a spare minute.