ON1 Photo RAW

ON1 Photo RAW Software Released In November

A friend told me about On1 software that was coming out and he said that he liked it and purchased the current version Photo 10. But he also mentioned that there are releasing a newer version called Photo Raw which will be released in sometime in November.
So I told him that I would check it out and see what it's all about.

So I checked it out and liked what I seen and thought about it, did more research on the web looking at this software in more detail and would this work for my work flow. One main reason looking at this software was simple, reason being that Google Nik filters no longer work properly and I don't see them fixing the issues that it has with the current release of Photoshop. So I pulled the trigger and decided to order the software, and one reason was that I could download their current version Photo 10 and when Photo Raw comes out can at least get a feel for the software.

So there is a learning curve for sure, it's not as easy as the Google Nik filter software, but that is not a fair statement either because I'm sure that it was a learning curve too. I guess I cannot remember that fair back.
Right now I have played around a bit with the software and liking some of things thus far, as I said above it's a learning curve and need to watch more videos on the web to understand on what does what.

My Take On This

I think that someone at ON1 Software made a great decision on creating Photo RAW. If in fact Photo RAW performs the way there saying, just maybe NIK users will be moving over to Photo RAW and the cost of the software is decent $119.00.
There is a lot of users not happy with Google Nik Filers, and maybe ON1 sales will grow because of that? I know there is Nik filers that I use all the time and will be still using them as they still work fine. Let's see when the new software is released and maybe create a blog on the new software once I get it in my hands on the software in November.

Why ON1 Photo RAW?

Exert from their site.

ON1 Photo RAW is the lightning fast raw processor, photo editor and plug-in collection all in one app photographers have been asking for. Unlike the current class of raw-based photo editors requiring catalogs, bouncing between apps for editing, and a subscription ecosystem, ON1 Photo RAW features a new, modern raw processing engine, tuned for today's sensors and graphics chips. Combined with our current set of tools, the next generation of ON1 Photo 10, will continue to work where you want, as a standalone app, a plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® & Lightroom®, or a host app for other editing apps.
No Subscription Required.
For Mac and Windows.

Click on the link to see more information on software. ON1 Photo RAW