Photoshop CC2016.5 and Nik Filters

Here is a work around for Nik Filters issues.

Problem is:

If you apply a filter say "output sharpen", and instead of applying it to the entire image you select "Brush" from the NIK window (i do this for all of my images). Now paint the image where you want sharpening and every time you lift your WACOM pen or stop painting with the mouse you get a pop up warning to apply changes or some other crap (cant remember exact phrase).. Close it and paint new section, stop/lift and pop goes the msg yet again. This started since last PS update... Doubt google will fix it because they bought NIK just to get hold of Snapseed app for mobile devices.

Here is the solution:

Steps to get around NIK problem with new PS2015.5 using brush mode to get around annoying pop ups, this has changed a little since we talked found easier way:

1) Apply output sharpener, do not select brush inside NIK window, Apply globally.
2) NIK will create a new layer, now while holding ALT key click layer mask button and it will create a new layer mask already filled with black.
3) Now all you need to do is Paint with white brush in the areas you want sharpened.

Thanks Glen for providing this work around.